pro|file «PROH fyl», noun, verb, -filed, -fil|ing.
1. a side view, especially of the human face: »

In profile his long nose stuck out quite far.

2. an outline: »

The engineer gave a detailed profile of the project.

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under outline. (Cf.outline)
3. a drawing of a transverse vertical section of a building, bridge, or other structure.
4. a concise description of a person's abilities, personality, or career: »

In a lengthy profile a few years ago, the Harvard Law Record called him “A scholar on the Bench” (New York Times).

5. Psychology. a diagram showing a person's abilities or traits.
6. a diagram of collected data or measurements, as of a natural phenomenon or other scientific data: »

If we took gravity readings all over the earth and corrected them to sea level, we would have a gravity profile of the geoid (Scientific American).

7. sharpness of outline or delineation; clarity of definition: »

As a whole, his work lacks a little in profile, due largely to a certain neutralness in its melodic substance (Harold C. Schonberg).

8. a description of an individual or type derived from analysis of certain facts or background data; a list of characteristics or significant features used for broad identification: »

The truck had been singled out for inspection because it fit a profile developed to identify smugglers' vehicles.

1. to draw a profile of.
2. to write a profile of: »

Who will The Observer profile next Sunday? (New Scientist).

3. to identify by analyzing certain features: »

Passengers can fill out enrollment forms and get their hand electronically profiled (New York Times).

[< earlier Italian profile < profilare to draw in outline < Latin prō- forth + fīlum thread]

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